[GIF] When Sena kissed Hyukjae’s (Eunhyuk) hand

  • Sora’s im-an-uber-spoiled-child clap
  • Hyukjae’s gotta-hide-my-gummy-smile gesture
  • Leeteuk’s standing-while-clapping laugh
  • Sungmin’s too-mushy-for-my-eyes-to-see-so-i’ll-just-face-donghae and;
  • Kyuhyun’s im-an-evil-maknae-so-im-not-gonna-do-anything-about-it

cr: jongwoonee


3 thoughts on “[GIF] When Sena kissed Hyukjae’s (Eunhyuk) hand

  1. I’m an Dimple couple(leeteuk&sora) korea supporter.
    Would you please give me permission bring photos of dimple couple?
    I’want bring Dimple couple(leeteuk&sora) photo with you permission.
    so, I want bring it Korea Dimple couple fan cafe.

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