12 thoughts on “[GIF] Sora hugged Leeteuk (next week!)

  1. these two needs to go on their honeymoon asap!

    and they should stop doing their “mc-act a scenario” thing…they would have a hard time knowing what is natural when they keep doing their personalities.

    LT keeps asking KS “what’s is your true personality”

  2. He asking about her personality, why she is a actress, and a actress have different’s personalities, and she is a little bit crazy. HAHA

    • she’s totally cute, esp when they buy furniture. Keep hitting herself..they are so cute+idiot looking while playing around furniture shop…by i totally love them..

  3. They are so meant to be. Please, just be together. It’s so obvious you both like each other. Any human being would feel they mutually like each other. :))

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