4 thoughts on “[GIF] I love the way you stare

  1. I stop watching WGM because there is no more Adam couple, and yesterday I start watch dimple couple from episode 1 until present only one day, because I’m really want to what happen with both of them because I love to see leeteuk’s eyes sparkle when he look at sora..and from the first look I know that Leeteuk really2 fall in love with sora..I know that by the way he stare at her..I love the way he stare at sora, he eyes sparkle, always like that.As you know, the eyes of lovers are “glittering”, this is true!.Love is not having to say anything, but to look into
    another’s eyes, and be completely content.I know something has to be there.That ‘s LOVE.I love to see someone’ eyes when speaking, so I know that coz I learn that.This is second couple that I ship hard after Ha ji won and Hyun bin.But I sad after I know that leeteuk also will enter army soon like hyun bin now in marine..But i know that everything’s will be alright .Please can both of you just married and become real couple.I will love that

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