[NEWS] Leeteuk & Sora in their honeymoon house

On the 14th of January episode of We Got Married, newly married virtual couples Kang Sora and Leeteuk moves in to their honeymoon house and is finally settling in.

Last week, their honeymoon house was revealed and this time, they spent their first time together in their honeymoon house. The two spent the time cooking and then eating the food they cooked together, after that they decided to give each other a massage to relieve stress.

Leeteuk massaged Kang Sora first and massaged her neck, shoulders and back, when it was Kang Sora’s turn however, it seems she gave pain instead of relieving stress for leeteuk causing laughter among viewers. When Kang sora started massaging leeteuk, leeteuk said “ow, ow ow” giving out a sound of surprise on Kang Sora’s massaging skills. He even said, “Massager from Thailand, What are you doing here?” sparking more laughter.

Meanwhile, it was revealed on the teaser that the other super junior members
go on a blind date for the show.

Source: Nate news and DKPOPNEWS


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