[INSIGHT] Dimple House for Dimple Couple

cr: baidubar

Congratulations Dimple Couple ^^! LOL it’s like a match meaning..Dimple House for Dimple Couple..just like a “Dimple” that have meaning a small thing on a part, kekeke.. but like Misun unnie said..newlywed couple must have small room and single bed to get them closer :p


3 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Dimple House for Dimple Couple

  1. isnt their house too small? their bedroom doesnt even have a window! idk about past couples…but does it seem that their house is the smallest? maybe because they have little time to spend there anyway?

  2. just suit for the both of them so they can always close to each other since the place is to small…hahaha nice choice leeteuk…..

    i love dimple couple so much…..

    i keep repeating all the episodes from 1 to 13….but then i hope other episodes will come out soon……..

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