[SPOILER TRANS] 120107 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.13

#WGM Teuk asking so many questions about the new house. He wrote all the questions in the notebook. Like, what kind of furniture there is, how many toilets are there, does the water flow well..?

#WGM Sora said she like jjimjilbang cos there is one near their new house. Teuk said he likes it too. Sora said she will massage for him next time.

#WGM Sora said she wants to put a grand piano in the house but Teuk said there might not be enough space. Then Sora said if there’s no space then they will sit on the piano.

#WGM Teuk asked for artiste discount again. ROFL.

#WGM Teuk said they will sign both of their names on the contract cos if they only put one person’s name, when the quarrel, the person will say “this is my house!”. Sora: “But we’ll not quarrel..”

#WGM After they signed the contract, Teuk told the middle man “Now you can leave my house..” ROFL.

LOL! Teuk went out of his room to press the doorbell and use to intercom to talk to Sora!

They named their house the Dimple House. ♥

#WGM House agreement. Teuk said he will wash the dishes. Sora: “But I’m better at washing dishes.” Teuk: “No, if you do the dishes, I won’t hold your hand anymore (cos it will be rough).” Teuk: “I will clean the toilet cos I did it many times before.” Sora: “Since you already did it a lot in the past, I’ll do it now..”

#WGM The last agreement is “Let’s create twin babies!” cos just now, the middle man said that the house is suitable for two people plus 2 children.

#WGM Host said that they’re very natural at skinship now..

#WGM Teuk was “angry” cos Sora didn’t use the clock he gave her the previous time. Sora said she will bring it to their new house.

#WGM They slept on the bed and started talking. Then after a while, Teuk said “Let’s get out of here. Something big will happen if we continue to sleep here..” Sora: “What big problem?” Teuk: “I’m a man!” ROFL.

#WGM Teuk: Seems like Sora really doesn’t know how to cook….

#WGM Sora said Teuk looks like a pro at cooking.

cr: @HeequeenTing and @sjia13

shared by : kiminaeka@soompi


2 thoughts on “[SPOILER TRANS] 120107 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.13

  1. i love how leeteuk said I’m a man in their bed scene.. LOL.. sora is too pure and innocent.. ^^ love the couple so much!! ^^

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