6 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Whose fortune teller that was visited by our Dimple Couple?

  1. interesting..but the fortune teller said Kangin will have free time to think in 2009..and that was when he had the issues with the car accident/drunk driving and etc..he enlisted then…this is all for fun anyway so fate is fate..we’ll see how it turns out for everyone in reality.

    • but he does have a free time to think. When he had the car accident/drunk driving, he went and enlist himself to military. His time in military is his time to think and reflect on what happened to him and his actions that he took.

      I actually think that the fortune teller tells the truth because Jay became popular with the ahjummas when he became an actor (the fortune teller said he’s going to be popular as an actor) but I’m not saying that we should believe in everything that he says.

  2. really curious what the fortune teller will say about teuk and sora… cant wait to see the episode.. 🙂
    and i guess teukso couple won’t be departing that fast. i mean they just get their house?! teuk say he won’t leave this fast too…

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