[RUMOR] 120103 WGM Filming : Fighting Juniors get their blind dates!

Fighting Junior getting their meeting!
Twitter updates about the blind dates.

@jeee54 Jee
Right now, Teuk and Sora are filming WGM at a bakery. The boys got the meeting that they wished for

so it looks like Sora-xi kept her promise. 4 members were filming in a bread shop, really shy and whatnot. TAT. [cr:@_13SUPERJUNIOR]

@sjissj Kim
OMO!!!! RT @bluebaby710: My K-elf friend said they had filmed Fighting Junior’s blind date….. At a subway station (?) Lol @HJ_SJgarrison
-@bluebaby710 EAT FOOD
Lol the location of Blind Date wasn’t in Subway station but NEAR subway station @HJ_SJgarrison thanks )

@xavier_x007x Mona Hee
the boys were very shy, and gave their dates nicknames(?). [cr: @_13SUPERJUNIOR ]

@jeee54 Jee
Apparently Eunhyuk said that it was his first time doing a meeting, and Ming and Hyuk were talking to their manager and saying ‘Princess~’
(she said they might be rookies?)

cr: szillion@soompi


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