12 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Dimple Couple love stare in MBC Gayo Daejun

  1. Sora’s really pretty with that sleek, long hair. She’s really beautiful. Omy! I’m girlcrushing Sora! Hahaha! I’m really a fan!

  2. brother in law eunhyuk n shindong at their back like grrrrrrrrrr with jealousy…….kekekekeke…….leeteuk n sora,ur stare can make a fire u know?…..i can see the spark there….hihihihihi…..

  3. kekeke.. love is everywhere..our Leeteuk must waiting the day he and Sora can be together, they awkwardness are slowly decreasing..if they no more awkward, what will happen to our fighting juniors????

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