[TWITTER] 111231 Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@special1004: SBS entertainment destination!MC sector excellence!!!Thank you!!!For those really stocking all the steps and at every step of the heart River, the Viewer is given award made will be harder!!!I\’ll run like crazy!!!^^

@special1004: It’s the last day… pic.twitter.com/ULrAy6RN


@special1004: It would be so cool if I could teleport~ At the end of the year I can never rest Haha

@special1004: Went to kbs yesterday then I went to rehearsal at sbs, in kbs it was the opening stage was and then went to perform x-file at sbs. After that went to kbs to perform shuffle dance, then back to sbs to get the award. At last, went to kbs to have a performance. keke It’s really entertaining kk

@special1004: After waking up I recognized that my tooth has gone … What happened.. T.T

Source: @special1004
Translation by: flitto.com


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