[NEWS] Let’s VOTE Dimple Couple for “Best Couple” on 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards



1. Click Leeteuk & Sora and VOTE,  but you must register first, MBC will show you how to register it.

2. You will find how to registration

Fill Your Name and Password then CLICK!

3. Next Step

4. Scroll down until you find this tab and CLICK

5.  Fill your personal info, You may CHECK your ID first and then CLICK PURPLE TAB, If your ID available, it will show on the tab, but if your ID not available so you must find another. After you finish with your personal info, click to submit it with purple icon.

6. If you have done the registration, you will have notification on your email. You can back to step 1 to VOTE our Dimple Couple. You may VOTE once a day.

So Let’s spread this info ^^! and support our DIMPLE COUPLE : LEETEUK & SORA to be “BEST COUPLE” 🙂

DC Lovers Fighting~!

cr: MBC

Thanks to MC Squared for the tip ^^!


25 thoughts on “[NEWS] Let’s VOTE Dimple Couple for “Best Couple” on 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards

  1. i’m sorry…i wanna vote, but i cant understand anything…can you show the instruction from the very first page? what to click and so on… please.. for the sake of our dimple couple… please

    • if u dont understand korean language , its more help u can use google translate to translated it… cause i use that to make easier for me..hehehe

      • I have but i choose the ID i put is incorrect one and all that is my own personal name le, no one should have put that

  2. uh, mình cũng ko hiểu vì sao mình cũng ko vote đc mặc dù đã có ID và pass..hic hic. Đã thế toàn tiếng hàn ko hiểu luôn

    • do you have an ID and Password on your mail? if does..then you already success to register, but if not yet, you must try another ID until that automatically write on tab ID personal info..when you try to register, it’s already includes your polling, you may try again after 24hours because we can vote only once a day ^^..thank you so much for the support ^^

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