[NEWS] A first look into Dream High 2′s script-reading

On December 17th, the cast of ‘Dream High 2‘ gathered at a restaurant in Kangnam to hold their first-ever script-reading together.

Although it was the first time that they met as the finalized cast, the atmosphere was friendly and positive, as if they were already in ‘character mode’. Since the first season was an undeniable hit, enthusiasm was rising high, and the excitement was said to be quite infectious.

Kang Sora stated, “I was a great fan of ‘Dream High’ so it’s an honor to be a part of the cast. I’m really looking forward to the first broadcast.”

2AM‘s Jinwoon also said, “Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by my peers, but I really can’t stop smiling. I think it’s going to feel like coming in to work with a group of friends.”

The drama will begin airing on January 30th.

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver

cr: VITALSIGN @allkpop

Thanks to Jellia Live for the tip ^^!


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