[PROJECT] Dimple Couple 100th Day Anniversary ^^ !!

We glad to invite all Dimple Couple Lovers here to deliver ur message and support by create a fanart or send us a photos group or just a letter to email admin xkyu at : xkyu@live.com.au

We will create a fan made video base on your fanart, please put your name or nickname and ur country on the fanart or photos or letter, so we can show our support to DC from a whole world ^^
We open our project from now till January 6th, so come join with us :)!! DC Lovers Fighting !! Thank you so much~

Dimple Couple 100th Day Anniversary : January 8th, 2012

Admins WGM Leeteuk SJ & Kang Sora

16 thoughts on “[PROJECT] Dimple Couple 100th Day Anniversary ^^ !!

  1. i’m from VietNam,oh i’m very happy, i’m really really like them. i am really attracted by them, they are happy when they ‘re together, and i feel i really like them when we got married was shown, oh i can’t say anything now because i still something in my heart, i can’t express it, thanks Lee Teuk and Sora and thanks a lot we got married.bibi.

  2. i’m really big fun of suji especially leeteuk he is great singer and he formed an awsome couple with the cute talented sora
    i’m sara from morocco big fan of k-pop& korean programs
    dimple couple saranghaye hwating <3<3<3

  3. ❤ Hi! I'm Noraini from S'pore.Dimple Couple are my favourite.I really like them & hoping their fake marriage will really becoming a real marriage.I can see their happiness being together although they a bit shy.I'm also a fan of Super Junior & WGM have shown Leeteuk & Sora get married make my heart so happy.Thx WGM for introduced them together.To Leeteuk & Sora,I'm hoping your relationship will last forever although your contract with WGM may end.May both of you be blessed always & Happy 100th Day Anniversary my beloved Dimple Couple….. 🙂 Saranghae & Hwaiting ❤

  4. hi .. I Chancan from Indonesia ….. I love Dimple couple, they were my favorite couple. I hope they become a real couple. ^ ^
    Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. *_*

  5. Hi! I’ll gladly join this project!! ❤ I have one question, if we send a photo, how must it be? Any specifications? Thank you in advance. Cheers from Argentina ^^ Dimple Couple fighting! ❤

  6. Well Dear Dimple Couple…………………
    Awww, even though we know WGM is a variety show, I hope the feelings for each other are true, even if there not shown on air or to the Dimple Couple Fans. I really like to see love in air from real life not like dramas.Kang you are so lucky to get a very very very handsome guy as your husband and Leeteuk you are blessed to have a pretty women by your side. Please continue doing your best efforts. I will always support Oppa, sorry I meant Dimple Couple, all the way from North Carolina, USA. 😉 ❤
    ~ Sincerely, envying Kang Sora -.-

  7. Hello everyone! I’m from Viet Nam. How are you? We are very when TeukSo got married. Congratulation for 100th anniversary of TeukSo ! I always love TeukSo couple!!! I wish TeukSo is still happy while they are out WGM Show….^^

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