[VIDEO] 111129 Super Junior winning awards at MAMA 2011 >> Congratulations~ ^^!


Super Junior – Singapore’s Choice Award

Super Junior – Best Male Group

Super Junior (Mr. Simple) – Album of The Year

Leeteuk’s Album of the Year award speech! T_T

Hi Singapore, we’ve lived through our 20s with everyone, thank you. With many difficulties, with so many things happening, the members depended on each each other, also the members who are not with us, the ones watching TV right now, and the ones far away from us, I love you guys. When no one acknowledged us, no one knew us, the best fanclub who made us the best, as fans, letting us feel the “mightiness”, ELF all over the world, I thank you again. We Super Junior are ugly ducklings, until the day we became swans, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man, Kim Youngmin and others who kept giving us help, and teacher Yoo Young Jin who gave us Sorry Sorry, Thank you. Super Junior’s mentors, Young Joon hyung, Seung Joon hyung, Min Hwan hyung, Dae Bin hyung, Yong Sun hyung, I really thank you. This award could be the last I receive before enlistment, it’s an unforgettable awards ceremony, we will continue being a hard working Super Junior. Thank you everybody.

I wanna cry T___T..my leader, my cute dimple, my prince..please don’t cry 😥

cr: Psycho蝉儿 ~skinship.partner~ (@taiwanluvsj)


VinniE and xkyu

6 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 111129 Super Junior winning awards at MAMA 2011 >> Congratulations~ ^^!

  1. The speech so touch me…. SJ realy thanks n appreciate people around especially ELF…… luv Super Junior forever….. Congratulations….

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