[NEWS] 111122 Kang Sora interview with ‘Asia Today’

MBC entertainment program ‘We Got Married’ virtual marriage season in the Super Junior’s Leeteuk collect topical stories the marriage has been flushed.

“I still awkward for a couple of weeks with Leeteuk-ssi. We are very shy and do not talk much, just see each other and smile. I mean I want to be a bit closer, but I’m worried about what happen in the future. Leeteuk-ssi step by step try to less the awkward closer to me at a time. I’m trying to be close to each other too. He really cares me a lot “

Kang Sora and Leeteuk recently in ‘We Got Married’ doing events in solo and screaming of the viewers. On Busan, Sora and Leeteuk have broadcast that attracted the attention of many people.

“I was surprised ! Leeteuk-ssi have busy schedule but he get on the plane suddenly, he sent me to Busan and then went straight back to Seoul. I can not dream of it, I feel good, it’s too good and I’m very thankful but I’m little worried about it. I have closer with Leeteuk-ssi after that and I do some events too.. It’s a secret.. “

Kang Sora also known with her movie “Sunny”

“In fact, ‘Sunny’ to opening ago was to use public transportation, but a lot of people find out I’m attending a taxi in fact, find out not long ago who was so nice that you can only see your mind’s staff..  ‘Sunny’ is unforgettable in my life, I think I will work hard. ”

Sora appeared on  CF that has been great interest. “Bring your pretty face to the future role and what”,  “You want to be advertising of bread,” and known as ‘4-D girl ‘

“I love bread, so really does spit out a few dozen or even while you are shooting I think I can eat deliciously different friends, cosmetics and cell phone ads, I wanted to do bread ad more greedy.”  Her ideal man is Won Bin.

cr: asiatodaynews.kr

rough trans by : VinniE

note : I was surprised and happy ^^ .. did you see Sora wearing a ring on his right finger?
Leeteuk said at one article that he did not know the size of her ring finger, that’s why Sora put the ring like that, because the ring is a little big? ^^..

20 thoughts on “[NEWS] 111122 Kang Sora interview with ‘Asia Today’

      • @darrelski

        i doubt that he is wearing the ring..things have been going like crazy after SS4…i think he is doing this for the sake of Sora…and there are a number of people (i’m not gonna go further) are attacking Sora on twitter and leaving some horrible tweets to her – it’s a shame to see things have gone that way and i seriously feel so bad for both of them.

        i do hope they will wear the couple ring together sometime. BUT NO ATTACKING PLEASE. IT’S ENOUGH

  1. i believe he’s not wearing it for the fans sake which i think is ridiculous imma freaking Elf and i dont have problems with that he’s even one of my bias..well i hope he will wear it sora wears the bracelet in every event and not sure bout the ring but if the ring above is the one then i guess he should wear it too.

    • I stand corrected. The admin of WGM leeteuk and Kang sora page on facebook gave an interesting comment on why leeteuk isn’t wearing his ring. It’s because “technically,” he hasn’t proposed yet since WGM hasn’t shown the SS4 proposal clip on the We got Married show. Makes sense right? 😀 After the proposal scene is shown on WGM, then he should be openly be wearing it right?

      • so that thinking/rule should also apply to sora since she is wearing the ring even the proposal eppie is not yet aired..
        wacha think?
        it saddens me that the guy has restrictions, but i appreciate that he did what he did on SS4

    • Wow..thank you metoice for your investigation ^^..I just realized that ! the couple ring it’s a gold right? oh btw, I like your blog too ^^..you are from dimple couple Thailands fans right? I love your fanart about our dimple couple..can I post your fanart here >__<? nice to meet you and Dimple Couple Lovers Fighting !!


  2. Huaaah I’m really happy I can find this WP since I’m a fan of this couple…
    They’re perfect together…
    Hope they can be a real couple…

    Dimple Couple Fighting!!!

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