[FANTAKEN] 111120 Sora support her Prince in Super Show 4 ^^!

Sora support her Prince ^^!

Everyone gave Leeteuk and Super Junior support for their 1st concert Super Show 4..Some of them sent their flower bouquet conratulation..but what Sora did for his Prince?..

Sora seen carrying Leeteuk’s picture with large size ^^!! LMAO XD..  She gave support to her Prince too, but on a unique way 🙂
You can see Leeteuk wore a crown on his head..definitely Sora’s Prince ^^
Sora is really cute ..
She herself laid the picture .. she looks very busy ..
there are also congratulatory bouquet of MBC’s WGM staff

cr: dcinside


5 thoughts on “[FANTAKEN] 111120 Sora support her Prince in Super Show 4 ^^!

  1. This should make her “prince” veryhappy. I think LT’s been hoping that she’d stop being shy anymore. Love this couple!

  2. hello, thanks to upload information about dimple couple 🙂 I always enjoy it!
    I’m doing a blog of Kang sora ssi in Japanese.
    I would like to translate your article and information in Japanese and write in my blog sometimes, if you don’t mind. Is it ok? Because I can’t understand Korean, only a bit of English…
    I write my website and E-mail address. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

    • Hi Miho from Japan ^^..nice to meet you ! I saw your blog and even though I just understand Japanese a little bit, but you did that great and awesome blog ^^!
      yes sure you can translate and post our article ^^..thanks for your comment here and Dimple Couple lovers Fighting !


      • Hi, VinniE!
        Thanks for your reply!! And I really appreciate you to let me translate and post your article on my blog^^
        hehe, was it? thank you. I’ll do my best~^^
        yes, Dimple Couple lovers fighting~~! Today is Saturday, the day for us!!lol

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