[NEWS] Leeteuk serenades Kang Sora at ‘Super Show 4 Concert’

On November 20th, the ‘Super Junior World Tour- Super Show 4‘ kicked off at the Seoul Olympic Stadium where Super Junior‘s leader, Leeteuk gave a surprise gift to his virtual wife [We Got Married], Kang Sora in a jaw-dropping manner!

During the event, Leeteuk came down towards Kang Sora, who was sitting among the spectators, while his body was wired to the ceiling.  He approached the actress slowly, then led her to the stage.   Leeteuk gave her a rose and a couple ring, topping it all off with a warm hug.  Kang Sora shyly received the gifts as the idol looked at her with luminous eyes.  Nearby fans were literally burning with jealousy.

Continuing on, Leeteuk also serenaded the actress with a smooth saxophone cover of “She” from ‘Notting Hill‘.  After his performance, the idol held Kang Sora’s hand and the two vanished below the stage, leaving many fans curious.

Leeteuk was also pleasantly surprised by Kang Sora’s lunch boxes which she prepared with her own hands before the event.  With a surprised expression, the idol said, “What is this?  I’ll thankfully eat it.”

In related news, Super Junior are in plans to further their world tour with concerts in Osaka, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing, Europe, and the Americas.

cr: MrTuxedo @allkpop


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