5 thoughts on “[FANTAKEN] Kang Sora on the Super Show 4 stage with Leeteuk !!

  1. i believe Kang Sora did came to the show but she did not appear on the stage. that girl is just an ELF who are super lucky who got picked and received a rose from our prince! 🙂

  2. i guess this is really kang sora (well i hope so :)) at the first day of SS4, its true that the girl in the fancam video who receive rose and got picked by leeteuk is just an ELF (such a lucky elf.. >.<). but i guess this was from the 2nd day of ss4… well i hope to see some fancams from 2nd day.. ( and i really hope my guess is correct.. )

  3. I’m a bit confused by this also, from one of the videos we see the girl on the stage wearing a gray shirt but we see Kang Sora wearing a white shirt from the picture that had her face. >_<

  4. ok I finally saw a video from 11/20/11 in youtube that has a girl with a white shirt (who I think is Kang Sora), I’m not sure if it is ok to post a link here but if you search “111120 sora” it will come up on the list =)

  5. i’m sorry i just wanna give u an information, but i don’t have an acc in fb,,, so i just wanna inform u by this…

    in fb i looked that many teuksora shiper post the link of fancam, but the video isn’t really good. i get the other video in a good angle.. but i don’t know if it’s ok to post the link here, so i’ll give the tittle of the video “112011 SS4 Seoul – Leeteuk Solo with Kang Sora”,…

    actually, i really love Sora attended SS4, but it’s so pitifull to her bcz she gets so many antis after that… i looked at her twitter by search her name and her nickname account…

    Be strong Kang Sora!!!

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