[NEWS] 111110 Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Park Shin Hye and B2ST’s Du Jun are selected as main Mc for Melon Music Awards

Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk, B2ST’s leader Du Jun and Park Shin Hye, recently emerging as a queen in the Asian entertainment world were selected to preside over the 2011 Melon Music Awards.

The 3rd Awards will be held at7:00 p.m.on November 24 at the Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park. The event will be broadcasted live through YouTube and Korean cable channels such as MBC dranamet and MBC everyone.

The three main emcees are among the very central figures who have made a significant contribution to the universal craze for K-POP and Korean culture.

Someone from the host of the music event said, “We’ve tried to design this year’s Melon Music Awards into a more professional manner. Considering that we’ve put all our expertise into this to create a well-polished stage suitable for fantastic performances, the event will be sure to live up to the world-class level, worthy of the world-wide live broadcasting. That’s why we’ve chosen them as main emcees for this music festival. They will play a significant role in attracting many eyes from across the world to this event.”

Source + Photo: Starnews
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