[TRANS] 111106 SUKIRA Kiss The Radio – Leeteuk miss Sora ^^

LT: Now at this time, our Sora-ssi is having her broadcast coolly too (referring to her tv drama), before, the staffs also praised her. Our Sora really doesn’t have anything she don’t know. Our members, our staffs misses you~ Except for KTR’s writer noona.

(after the song finish playing)

LT: Actually I want to tell Sora-ssi something through broadcast that I miss you~ Wuhahaha~ Uh… Sora-ssi might hear it, so I must laugh coolly~ Kekekeke~

(cr. 凝幻, trans by @rapperhyuk)

this is sweet. Husband miss his wife and proud of her .. Leeteuk-ssi, you surely are good husband ^^
And i think, sora was listening her husband’s radio last night :))