[TRANS] 111104 SUKIRA Kiss The Radio – Guess: FT.Island

[TRANS] 111104 SUKIRA Kiss The Radio – Guess: FT.Island

Seunghyun: I want to be SJ’s Leeteuk-ssi.
Everyone: Whoa~ Leader’s position~
Seunghyun: I feel like after dancing coolly on stage and becoming a MC is really awesome.
LT: Keke.
Seunghyun: When I look at you from far, you look really handsome.
LT: Don’t look from far, look at me closer.
EH: Then Seunghyun-ssi’s dream is to be a MC?
Seunghyun: I want to become like Leeteuk-ssi~
(cr. 凝幻, trans by @rapperhyuk)

Leeteuk become a role model for his hobae ^^..of course our Prince, Park Leader-nim..