[TRANS] 111103 SUKIRA (KTR) – Leeteuk saw Sora’s photo ^^

cr: oOGybZzOo@youtube

thanks to Ana Domingo for the tip ^^

[TRANS] 111103 SUKIRA Kiss The Radio – Leeteuk & Eunhyuk

Listener: Eunhyuk-ssi, you really feel like using the computer right? It’s not convenient when your hyung is using right?
EH: Yup, it’s okay. He’s my hyung.
LT: What?
EH: Leeteuk-ssi is using it to look at Kang Sora-ssi’s picture.
LT: That’s because you kept using your phone.
EH: I used it for awhile only~
LT: No, we looked at it together just now.
EH: Yup, it’s okay, since he’s the hyung.
(cr. 凝幻, trans by @rapperhyuk)

hmmm..maybe Leeteuk has seen Sora’s photos at Style Icon Award ^^..I wondering what he thinks about that photos ^^