[INSIGHT] RomanTeuk side…

Do you ever know.. a few months ago, exactly on July 4, Leeteuk had time to upload a video on twitter where he played piano with the song KISS THE RAIN by Yiruma?

His twitter message :

“Kiss the rain. Played it like how it is in my feeling ~ ^ ^ Since it’s raining a lot, I think the piano sound and a day like this fit together well ^ ^”

This is a video from his twitter :

or you can find that on his twitvid : http://www.twitvid.com/VNBMF

You can see he play the piano with all his heart and show his romantic side ..

Back on this day.. at the first meeting with his wife, he returned to play the song..

He was too nervous of course, but his performance is very nice ^^ .. He tried so hard to provide the best and unforgettable moments for his beloved wife.. Sora

This is what you called RomanTeuk Side…


WGM Leeteuk and Sora

note: illustration & search by Vinnie, please take out with full credit.Thanks ^^.