[SCREENCAPS] WGM Leeteuk & Sora “Dimple Couple” Ep.3

Leeteuk helping Sora with seat belts and their hands suddenly touching .. a funny expression, they both saw their hands..  >__<

awkward moment..but always stare each other ^^..

I really loveeee~ this moment..both of them smile happily >__<

Sora says they both have dimple when they smile..

(,^_____^)..(^_____^,)..of course uri DIMPLE COUPLE !!

Leeteuk play piano and even write a song for her…so sweet and romantic :’)

Love in the air~…(I almost cry when see this..so touching T__T)

and now..Prince and Baby Princess live happily ever after ~(@^___^@)~

caps & illustration by: Vinnie