[NEWS] Leeteuk twitter update and going to NYC today ^^!

Leeteuk twitter @special1004 :

오늘 우결은 야구로인해 결방이라고합니다ㅠ슬프다..그래도 스타킹이 그 아쉬움을 달래드릴겁니다오늘 스타킹 정말 초대박기인분나오시니 본방사수부탁바랍니다!^^
We Got Married will not be aired today because of baseball match, sad ㅠ..though Starking will soothe that sadness, a lot of awesome people really come out for today’s Starking. I hope you will all watch it! ^^

sr: @special1004
trans by : teukangelsph
We are sad too T__T..

Leeteuk & Super Junior are going to NYC for SM TOWN today. Have a nice flight ^^!
rumor say that he will be on short vacation after concert, rest well leader 🙂