[VIDEO / TRANS] 111014 Leeteuk mention Sora in SUKIRA (KTR)

Leeteuk : I appear at drama althought just passed by its nervous

Hyuk : kkk…Leeteuk-shi your nervous too visible

Leeteuk: You never at my position >__<

( Eunhyuk asked Alex how to take woman heart tell leeteuk-shi about it kkk)

Leeteuk : Yesterday at radio, Alex sent her message right? and said “our sora” kkk

Hyuk : Leeteuk-shi why you dont like him? watching movies with her?

Alex : Well, she said she like me to be her ideal type 😀

Leeteuk & Eunhyuk : … ¬_¬

(*Alex – singer in the group Clazziquai)

Leeteuk watched drama that have Kang Sora in it ; he said his my wife thought .. I watched her drama

Eunhyuk : Dont said to me you like her kkk she (Sora) like humorous people like me J (What the..)

Listener said to Leeteuk that she see him at TV, he is too nervous, and our couple apperead at TV drama

Eunhyuk : What TV drama?

Leeteuk : My wife .. (Kang Sora) will appear at KBS Drama “우리집 여자들” (Bittersweet Life)

Eunhyuk : so.. you like Kang Sora-shi?

Leeteuk : Currenlty all members now at Daegu cause tommorow have schedule at there kkk / Eunhyuk > Just us ~ LMAO!

(Leeteuk tried to escape that question..so cute ^^)

*laugh again* ( ̄▽ ̄_)

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