[Official Preview] 111015 WGM Leeteuk & Kang Sora “Dimples Couple” Ep. 2

Lee Teuk♡Kang Sora : You are my prince♡

Teuk and Sora finally has their nervous first meeting. The awkward moment continues on when their wedding guests suddenly arrives – it’s Super Junior! They propose a surprise mission for the newlywed couple, “Decide upon a nickname!” Why has Sora collapsed on the spot after hearing the nickname that Lee Teuk has made for her?

The surprise guests, Super Junior, decides to start “Operation: Please get friendly with each other~.” During all of this, why has Sora screamed out “Oh God?” Will Super Junior’s mischievous plan get carried out successfully What kind of events will happen at the couple’s first meeting with their special guests?

cr: soompi

sr: MBC