[Fanacc] Leeteuk WILL BE on WGM !

According to fan accounts from Music Core pre-recording, Leeteuk announced he would be on WGM with an actress and asked his fans for their blessings…

At first, after recording, Leeteuk said he got something to annouce. He said: “today.. he..” & before he continued, Donghae said “today is his last stage.” Fans were shocked and it turned out to be a joke.

During recording, Yesung’s voice cracked at the beginning, so they had to redo. After that, (namely) Leeteuk, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae were imitating his voice cracking and Yesung was laughing in embarrassment.

Leeteuk revealed that he will be on WGM. He wrote a letter for his future wife and Donghae helped him in reading the contents. Leeteuk also asked for fans’ blessings.

Eunhyuk also helped Leeteuk in asking for fans’ blessing and led the crowd to sing G.O.D song. Leeteuk was embarrassed/shy. He wanted ELFs to be the first to hear the news from him. So he took out the letter & started to read. But halfway through, he was too shy/embarrassed, so Donghae continued for him instead

Leeteuk said that he is going to get married to an actress. In his WGM letter, for the bridegroom, he filled in “Leeteuk” and for the bride’s, he filled in “Pretty”

Leeteuk was concerned with how fans would feel about/react to his marriage, so he kept asking the fans if they will congratulate him. ELFs screamed: “YES!” After that, Sungmin said if fans object is also okay & ELFs screamed even louder.

source :@yumetheny , @PearlBlueSG

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